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Mount Bromo eruption 2019 – Mount Bromo eruption March 2019

Mount Bromo, Bromo Volcano, or Gunung Bromo (Pronounce by local) is one of very active volcano in Indonesia and also one of the most visited by tourist, not only local but also foreigner, because this volcano has very spectacular of mountaineering view and also Sunrise all year long.

This year, 2019. the activity of this volcano increased since March 2019 and it was dangerous for all tourist and also local people to stayed too close to this volcano. and since March 2019 the Indonesian Volcano logy department announced the warning for all tourist and also local not to climb or come closed withing 1 km radius from the crater.

After this volcano closed temporary since March 2019, now this volcano its been REOPEN for tourist since few days ago (13 march 2019). but we have to remember that Mount Bromo is active volcano that the activity is up and down any time, so be aware of when you are visiting of this volcano always obey the regulation.

The best time to visit Bromo Volcano is during dry season, April – September every year, mostly Sunny and clear weather.

Have  great journey and take care your self !

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