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Is Ijen Crater Open ?

28 February 2019 397x Uncategorized

Is Ijen Crater Open ? – Is Ijen Volcano Open for tourist ? Ijen crater is still open for tourist and also for miner, but we have to remember that ijen crater is an active volcano, event is allowed to climb... read more


Where is Kawah Ijen Located ?

26 February 2019 510x Uncategorized

Where is Kawah Ijen Located ? – Where is kawah ijen volcano located ? Kawah Ijen (local pronounce), or Ijen Crater, or Ijen volcano is located in Banyuwangi city, East Java – Indonesia. Banyuwangi city is located around 325 km to... read more


Is Mount Bromo Still Active ?

23 February 2019 607x Uncategorized

Is Mount Bromo Still Active ? – Is Mount Bromo still active ? is Mount Bromo safe to go ? These two big question from most traveler or tourist before they go to Mount Bromo after the news recently. it was... read more


Bromo Eruption 2019

19 February 2019 949x Uncategorized

Bromo Eruption (Picked from Detik News.com) – Based on Indonesian Volcanology department (PVMBG) observed that on February 19th 2019 Mount Bromo has erupted.  PVMBG records the ash column observed in white to brown with a thin, medium, to thick intensity... read more


Is Ijen Worth it ?

17 February 2019 435x Uncategorized

Is Ijen Worth it ? – One big question for every traveler before they decide to book and climb Ijen Crater, Is ijen Volcano worth it to be visited or not ? and our answer is definitely “YES, It Is”.... read more


Ijen Crater Lake

16 February 2019 479x Uncategorized

Ijen Crater Lake – Ijen Crater, or Ijen volcano, Kawah Ijen volcano (local pronounce) is one of active volcano in Indonesia, its Located in Banyuwangi Regency – East Java – Indonesia, Just next to Bali Island. The altitude of this... read more


Mount Bromo Has Amazing Scenery

15 February 2019 552x Uncategorized

Mount Bromo Has Amazing Scenery – Bromo Volcano, Mount Bromo or Gunung Bromo (local pronounce) is one of most famous and visited Mountain in Indonesia. It is located in 3 different Regency such us ; Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency and... read more


Ijen tour from Bali

13 February 2019 634x Uncategorized

            Ijen tour from Bali – We wrote down to share our experience here about Ijen tour from Bali with our client from Russia (Clara). Our crew picked Her up from Her hotel in Kuta... read more


How to get to Ijen Crater from Banyuwangi

6 February 2019 512x Uncategorized

How to get to Ijen Crater from Banyuwangi ? Ijen Volcano, Ijen Crater, or Kawah Ijen (local pronounce) is an active volcano in Indonesia, its located in Banyuwangi city. East Java – Indonesia. Most of the Ijen crater tour or... read more

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