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Mount Bromo eruption 2019

22 May 2019 771x Uncategorized

Mount Bromo eruption 2019 – Mount Bromo eruption March 2019 Mount Bromo, Bromo Volcano, or Gunung Bromo (Pronounce by local) is one of very active volcano in Indonesia and also one of the most visited by tourist, not only local but also... read more


Mount Bromo Ijen crater tour 3 days

30 March 2019 966x Uncategorized

 Mount Bromo Ijen crater tour 3 days – Mount Bromo Ijen crater tour 3 days Mount Bromo and Ijen volcano  are another active volcanoes in Indonesia, its located in East Java Province – Indonesia. Mount Bromo and Ijen volcano  are also some... read more


Bromo Eruption today

29 March 2019 960x Uncategorized

  Bromo Eruption today – Bromo eruption February 2019 Mount Bromo or Gunung Bromo (local pronounce) is one the most famous and visited volcano in Indonesia, this volcano is located in the border of Probolinggo city, Pasuruan city and Lumajang city –... read more


What is Sulfur used for ?

18 March 2019 516x Uncategorized

What is Sulfur used for ? – What is Sulfur used for Ijen crater is one of the biggest sulfur producer in Indonesia, and event in the world. Sulfur is one of the chemical elements that commonly found around volcano, both... read more


Ijen sulfur workers

16 March 2019 743x Uncategorized

Ijen sulfur workers – Ijen sulfur miner  is one of the most dangerous job in the world. Ijen crater is located in the border of Banyuwangi city and Bondowoso city, east java – Indonesia. ijen crater is one of  the... read more


Ijen crater blue flame

14 March 2019 550x Uncategorized

Ijen crater blue flame – The beauty of ijen crater lake the phenomenon of Blue flame in Ijen volcano. Ijen crater, Ijen volcano, or Kawah Ijen (local pronounce) is an active volcano in east java – Indonesia. this volcano located on... read more

Ijen-shared-tour-from Bali

Ijen Sulfur Mining

13 March 2019 421x Uncategorized

Ijen Sulfur Mining – Ijen Sulfur mining Indonesia has many natural resources, Sulfur is one of nature resources that owned by Indonesia. because indonesia has many volcanoes, some of the volcanoes produces sulfur. so that why Indonesia is one of... read more


How High Is Mount Bromo ?

12 March 2019 415x Uncategorized

How High Is Mount Bromo ? – How High is Mount Bromo ? Mount Bromo or Bromo Volcano, or Gunung Bromo (Local name) is located in Border of Probolinggo, Pasuruan, and Lumajang. Mount Bromo is one of the most visited mountain... read more


Mount Bromo Weather

10 March 2019 509x Uncategorized

Mount Bromo Weather – Mount Bromo Weather For all tourist, doesn’t matter local tourist or foreigner, before they decide to travel they be better to consider the good weather, especially if they want to visit or climb a mountain. also... read more

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