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What is Sulfur used for– What is Sulfur used for

Ijen crater is one of the biggest sulfur producer in Indonesia, and event in the world.

Sulfur is one of the chemical elements that commonly found around volcano, both active volcano or inactive volcano, if ever smell a very strong odor while on the mountain you are in healing hydrogen sulfide gas. the gas contains elements of Sulfur or Sulphur.

Here are some benefit of Sulfur :

1.Water Cleaning Material

Sulfur can change water characteristics, so it is very useful for water treatment companies. The sulfur can neutralize turbid water containing various types of germ seeds. But sulfur is used which is already in the form of sulfate which has a white color like the shape of a crystal.

2. Used in steel industry

In steel Company, to process the steel  it requires heat up to 1500 degrees Celsius. For this reason, sulfur is needed so that heat can be maximized and added by other heat sources such as petroleum or tin. The addition of sulfur powder also makes steel easier to form into smaller components.

3. Material to making matches

Sulfur is the main ingredient for making matches. This is due to the presence of darker and shiny sulfuric acid which can trigger a very high heat causing a spark. For the stem using pine wood.

4. Fertilizer material

One of ingredient to make plant fertilizer

5. Cosmetic ingredient

also need to know if sulfur can be used as a cosmetic ingredient or beauty care product. This is due to the presence of compounds in sulfur that can kill germs that cause acne, viruses that cause scabies and other skin diseases. Even sulfur can kill fungi that cause phlegm, scabies and ringworm, because they contain keratolytic substances.

6. Main ingredient for disinfectant 

Sulfur is also useful for agriculture. Because sulfur is the main ingredient in making disinfectant products that can prevent pests, diseases and prevent damage. Not only that, this disinfected product can also fertilize plants.


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