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Mount Bromo Weather – Mount Bromo Weather

For all tourist, doesn’t matter local tourist or foreigner, before they decide to travel they be better to consider the good weather, especially if they want to visit or climb a mountain. also if they want to visit and climb Mount Bromo in East Java – Indonesia. Dry season is the best time to go to mountain, and dry period is during April – September every year. during dry season we have more change to the nice scenery, its less cloudy and foggy than rain period (October – March).

The coldness or temperature in Indonesia especially on the mountain is also different during dry and rainy season. during dry season usually colder than rainy season. the temperature in Mount Bromo during dry season is around 4-12 degrees Celsius.

we suggest you to bring cold equipment before you decide to visit Mount Bromo such us ; Jacket, Glove, Warm hat, Long pants, Shock and shoes.


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