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Is Mount Bromo Still Active ? – Is Mount Bromo still active ? is Mount Bromo safe to go ? These two big question from most traveler or tourist before they go to Mount Bromo after the news recently.

it was reported that on 19th of February 2019 the activity of Mount Bromo increased and it ws alert level II. and Indonesian Volcanology warned people or tourist to stayed away from the active crater of Mount Bromo within a radius of 1 km. But now the activity of Mount Bromo is down (alert), that means it saver to go.

Is Mount Bromo still active ? Yes it is, Mount Bromo is one of active volcano in Indonesia, event till now Mount Bromo still active, like other active volcanoes in Indonesia Mount Bromo also monitored by Government (Volcanology) to control the activity of this volcano all the time.

Is Mount Bromo Safe to go ? Mount Bromo is still safe to go, The Bromo Tengger National Park still open for tourism, all the hotels and restaurant, and also residence they do normal activity as usual, serving tourist who come to visit mount Bromo everyday.

So, No more question if you want to visit Mount Bromo, IT IS SAVE TO GO !


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