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is ijen crater worth it ?

Is Ijen Worth it ? – One big question for every traveler before they decide to book and climb Ijen Crater, Is ijen Volcano worth it to be visited or not ? and our answer is definitely “YES, It Is”.

Beside easy hike to get to top of this volcano, there are some points that you need to know about this volcano ;

  1. This Volcano has spectacular view of mother nature around, During hiking up and down you could see the view of mountains surround, its green and hilly view in a far.
  2. This Volcano has the biggest Crater acid lake view in Indonesia, or event in The world. The lake is 1 km wide and 200 mtr depth. The lake water is the most acidic water in this planet (0,5 ph), and no living on it (event not for bacteria).
  3. The phenomenon of Blue fire, People says that there are only 2 the phenomenon of blue fire on the volcano, one of them is in Ijen crater.
  4. Sulfur mine at Ijen crater, The activity of this volcano make the nature of Sulfuric gas comes out all the time from this volcano, and the miner they mine the sulfur everyday from this volcano. Event this volcano is the biggest Sulfur producer in Indonesia. the miners could collect around 10-15 tons of Sulfur block each day. there are around 100-150 people are working on this volcano. So during hiking you could see their activity carrying heavy sulfur stone on their shoulder (65-90 kgs at once/trip).

So, Don’t think to much, come and joint with us !

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