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is Ijen Crater Open ?

Is Ijen Crater Open ? – Is Ijen Volcano Open for tourist ?

Ijen crater is still open for tourist and also for miner, but we have to remember that ijen crater is an active volcano, event is allowed to climb mount ijen volcano but we have to alert anytime when we climbing this volcano. Ijen volcano could be closed anytime depending on the activity of this volcano it self, when the activity increase it will be closed temporary for tourist and also miner.

To preserve Ijen crater, the Ijen conservation department (BKSDA) they launched regulation to closed Ijen Volcano for 1 day each month since 2019. They want to “Resting” Ijen crater from any  Activity. During closing, the ranger and volunteer will cleans Ijen Volcano by Picking Trash/Rubbish on hiking trek.

This regulation is made not only for tourist but also for all miner who works in Ijen Volcano.

So, before you go to Ijen Crater, we should check the list below to ensure that ijen is open when you are visiting.

Here is the list when Ijen Crater is Closed :

4th January 2019

1st February 2019

1st March 2019

5th April 2019

3rd May 2019

7th June 2019

5th July 2019

2nd August 2019

6th September 2019

4th October 2019

1st November 2019

6th December 2019


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