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Is Ijen Crater Dangerous ?  is Ijen crater safe to be hiked ?

is ijen volcano or ijen crater dangerous or safe to be hiked ? is a common question for all traveler before they hike to this volcano. Ijen Crater, Ijen Volcano, or Kawah Ijen is one of active volcano in Indonesia, it’s located in the border of Banyuwangi city and Bondowoso city, East Java, Indonesia.

as other active volcano in Indonesia, this volcano also monitored by Government (Volcanology) anytime.

This volcano has 2.386 meters high above sea level, the sulfur gas comes out from the crater all the time. the hike of this volcano is not so difficult, event is quite easy hike, any one could come and hike to this volcano. but doesn’t mean no risk to climb this volcano.

there are some tips before hike this volcano ;

  • Not recommend for people who has some health problem to climb this volcano such us ; Asthmatic, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.
  • Before hike Ijen crater better prepare yourself with Gas mask, head light (for blue fire tour), and personal medicine (If needed), because the smell of sulfur gas is strong.
  • Make sure that you are in good condition (Not get sick, or weak)
  • Bring enough water (at least 1 small bottle/person)
  • Wear warm cloth (Long pant, and jacket)
  • Don’t forced if the weather is not good (too much and too strong of sulfur gas,Cloudy, rain, or thunder storm)

Be smart traveler and take care yourself !


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