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Ijen Sulfur Mining Ijen Sulfur mining

Indonesia has many natural resources, Sulfur is one of nature resources that owned by Indonesia. because indonesia has many volcanoes, some of the volcanoes produces sulfur. so that why Indonesia is one of biggest sulfur producer in the world.

Ijen Crater is one the biggest volcano which produce Sulfur in Indonesia (could be in the world also). Ijen volcano could produce around 14 tons sulfur every single day.

Here is top 10 volcanoes which produce sulfur in Indonesia ;

  1. Mount Tangkuban Perahu at Danau Putri lake, West Java province
  2. Mount Dieng, Central Java Province
  3. Mount Arjuno, East Java Province
  4. Mount Welirang, East Java Province
  5. Mount Ijen, East Java Province
  6. Mount Namora, North Sumatra
  7. Mount Mahawu, North Sulawesi
  8. Mount Soputan, North Sulawesi
  9. Mount Sorek Merapi, North Sulawesi
  10. Damar island,Maluku

On year 2012 Indonesia produced around 447.420.207 Tons from those volcanoes. Sulfur is one of unlimited nature resource.


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