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Ijen-Crate- Lake

Ijen Crater LakeIjen Crater, or Ijen volcano, Kawah Ijen volcano (local pronounce) is one of active volcano in Indonesia, its Located in Banyuwangi Regency – East Java – Indonesia, Just next to Bali Island.

The altitude of this volcano is 2.386 mtr asl. this volcano has an amazing Sulfuric acid lake view. all the tourist would be hypnotized by the spectacular view of turquoise water lake view from the Summit.

The lake has 1 km wide, and almost 200 meters depth. The water lake is the most acidic water in this planet, its 0,5 ph. Beside too acid and it is also hot temperature (around 40’c), no living on this water.

Anytime the activity of this volcano increase, the temperature of this lake water it would hotter, and more poisonous.

This volcano has easy trek to hike, its only 3,4 km away in distance, for any age as long has doesn,t have problem of Health such us ; Asthmatic, High blood pressure, and heart attack.


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