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Ijen-the biggest- crater- lake-inindonesiaIjen Crater is the biggest crater lake in Indonesia – Ijen Crater or Ijen volcano is located in Java Island – Indonesia, its known well as Kawah Ijen by local. this volcano has 2.386 mts above sea level. Ijen Crater has Phenomenon of Blue fire known as Ijen Crater Blue fire. The Ijen Crater blue fire is Burning sulfur gas that only visible by night. Beside The Blue fire This volcano also has incredible view of Sulfur acid lake or known as Ijen Crater lake. you will see the Beautiful Green and blue water color of this lake during the day.

Ijen Crater is also the known as the biggest Sulfur producer in Indonesia. Everyday this volcano produce around 10 – 15 tons of Sulfur deposit. Has around 150 Miners who work and collect the sulfur by night and by day. the miner can carry average around 65-80 kg Sulfur at once on their shoulder.

Pay only IDR 1000,- per kilo. the miner could take few trips a day (2-4 trips/day) to collect as many as sulfur they can.

To get to the top of this Volcano we must hike for around 3.400 meters (3,4 km). the hike takes around 1,5 – 2 hours, and the hike is quite easy.

to see the blue fire we must descend to the bottom of the crater to see the blue fire closer, but it is depending on your luck, as long as its not so smoky (sulfur gas) and not cloudy you will see this phenomenon.

This Volcano can be reached from Bali. Just need 4 hours drive from down town of denpasar, Kuta, seminyak, etc and 1 hour by ferry you will get to Banyuwangi city where Ijen Crtaer or Ijen Volcano Located.

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Ijen Crater tour from Bali 1 day

Ijen Crater tour from Bali 2 Days

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