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Ijen-crater-blue-fireIjen Crater Blue fire – Ijen crater blue fire or ijen blue flame is getting popular in Indonesia event in all over the world, many traveler or tourist want to be witness to see the phenomenon of Blue fire in Ijen Volcano.

What is Ijen Crater Blue fire ?

Actually is combination of 2 names, Ijen Crater and Blue fire. Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen (Local pronounce) is the name of one active volcano in Indonesia, its set in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. this volcano produce sulfur gas from this volcano activity. While the Blue fire is burning sulfur gas, its kind of chemical reaction between Sulfur gas, methane gas and oxsygen.

The Blue fire can be seen only in the night, so that is why we need to hike this volcano at night/midnight. we can’t see the blue light during the day (invisible) because is too bright of light. to see the blue flame or blue fire it depends on your luck, it depends on the weather. if its too smoky or too cloudy then its hard to see it clear.

People says that the blue fire is only 2 in the world, one in Indonesia (in Ijen volcano), and another one is in Iceland.

Come and joint with us to be witness of this rare phenomenon.

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