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how-cold-is-Mount-BromoHow Cold Is Mount Bromo ? – How is the                    temperature in Mount Bromo ?

Mount Bromo or Bromo Volcano, or Gunung Bromo (Local name) is located in Border of Probolinggo city, Pasuruan City, and Lumajang City.

This Volcano has 2,392 meters high from sea level, this volcano is one of active volcano in Indonesia.

The temperature in Mount Bromo is cold, its approximately 8-12 degrees Celsius, but there are different coldness when we hiking during rainy season and dry season.

Hiking Mount Bromo during rainy season ( October – March) the temperature is around 8 – 12 degrees Celsius.

Hiking during dry season (April – September) the temperature is much colder, the temperature could drop down till near zero, its around 4- 8 degrees Celsius, its because in Australia has Winter time on this time, so the cold wind blows to Indonesia and influence the temperature in Indonesia especially in the south part of Indonesia such us ; Bali island, Java island, and other island in the south path of Indonesia.

So before you go hike this active volcano, please prepare your hike gear, and your fit condition.


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