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Ijen sulfur workersIjen sulfur miner  is one of the most dangerous job in the world.

Ijen crater is located in the border of Banyuwangi city and Bondowoso city, east java – Indonesia. ijen crater is one of  the the biggest sulfur producer in Indonesia, event in the world, this volcano can collect around 15 tons each day.

there are at least 150 miners works as sulfur miner in this volcano, everyday they climb to summit of mount Ijen, takes 1,5 hours hike to get to the the summit of this volcano, after that they still must go down in to the crater for another 700 meters (30 minutes) to get to sulfur mining area where they have to take and collect the solid sulfur block. every miner must take sulfur in the middle of sulfur toxic gas which comes out all the time from this volcano. they should be breath the sulfur toxic gas, could make them get asthmatic, burning the eyes, and could make the eyes irritation.

The miner here paid by kilo, the more sulfur they collect, the more money they get. each miner could bring around 65 – 90 kg/trip, and they paid IDR 1000,-/kg. usually every miner can take 2-3 trips a day, that means they can earn money around 150.000 – 200.000/day/person.


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